Metal Type.
[ Milroy, Rollin ].

[Vancouver, British Columbia: Heavenly Monkey, 2013. "A companion of sorts to 2012's Types/Paper/Print, but more playful and colorful, this book presents all of the metal types sought out, adopted by, and dumped upon HM over the past 15 years. Some of these types have never before been printed at the studio, for a variety of reasons, e.g. insufficient quantity to be useful in a project; one of the vowels is missing; available in capitals only; and in a few cases, just too odd to use. Decorative black and white boards with all-over motif of letters. Fine in plain paper dust jacket. Small quarto, 10 x 7". 42 pp. (Item ID: 16260)


"Rather than simply printing the alphabet in each face, or repeating the same text (who'd ever print a book repeating the same text page after page?), each recto presents one face (in some cases a few combined). The book's title reflects the process that came to be used for displaying each face. Some are used to set a quote that relates to the face or its designer. For the more uncommon faces, the complete alphabet is displayed; for the faces we all know, the sorts were used simply as design elements to create borders or pleasing shapes. Some of the faces included are American Uncial, Bradley, Garamond, Huxley Vertical, Morris Roman, Rubens, Shadow (two kinds), Meinhart's Unciala and Monument, and Verona..." (Heavenly Monkey Press).

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