Violets Blue. Calendar for 1897. Color printing.
Violets Blue. Calendar for 1897.

Violets Blue. Calendar for 1897.

[ New York: International Art Publishing Co., ca. 1896.]. Each leaf printed with a monthly calendar (March/April and November/December pairs are on one leaf). Each leaf beautifully chromolithographed (February-December with seasonal landscapes; January with a young girl and the title). Edges decorated with die-cut purple and white violets. Also with gilt accents. Some fraying to tassels. Last leaf (November/December) a bit fragile, reinforced on verso with small piece of document tape. A clean, bright, near-fine item. Stiff glossy card leaves. Metal eyelet at the handle-end threaded with gray cord ending in two tassels. Folding fan with ten die-cut leaves (each approximately 2” x 6 ”; approximately 14 ” x 6 ” at widest point when unfolded). Item #16982

Chromolithograph fans made of die-cut paper grew in popularity in the United States at the turn of the century. Many were styled as calendars, though some were simply floral — the die-cut technique was ideal for shaping the fan leaves into the silhouettes of flowers. Though they were not made with fine fabrics, lace, feathers, and other expensive materials, paper fans like the present item recalled a millennia-long tradition of fans as works of art and symbols of femininity. In “History of the Fan,” Louisa Parr writes, “From the sixteenth century up to the late 1800s throughout the whole of Europe, the dress of no fashionable lady en grande tenue appears to have been complete without the addition of a fan.  So prominent a part has this little ‘modish machine’ played in intrigue, love, and scandal that it has been aptly termed “‘the woman's scepter,’” (Victoriana Magazine).

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