“Color Equation of Various Star Catalogues.” [In:] Annals of Harvard College Observatory. Vol. 76, No. 2.

[ Cambridge: Astronomical Observatory of Harvard College, 1914]. First edition. This article was published in 1914 but is often misdated because it was later reissued featuring a title-page dated 1916. It is also often misattributed to Edward C. Pickering, though the text of the present work explains that it was actually written by Anna L. Hinkley (p. 11). With one plate. Article is complete as issued. Some separation between leaves at spine fold. A bit of foxing to edge of plate and facing page. Some light offsetting from tables in text. A very good copy. Self wrapper. Including final blank. Quarto. pp. 11-18. Item #16783

In the present work, Anna L. Hinkley presents an equation that compares the results of visual observations of early astronomers with the technological observations of her contemporaries. Hinkley explains that early astronomers rarely documented the colors of stars and did not have the benefit of later innovations in measuring the spectra of stars, but the data that they did document during their observations can be used to determine how bright different kinds of stars appear to the human eye. The data of early astronomers can also be supplemented with Hinkley’s color equation data to better understand what those astronomers were observing at the time.

“Color Equation of Various Star Catalogues” is an interesting supplement to other publications documenting stellar spectra, which allow astronomers to determine astronomical distances by how bright stars appears from Earth. Fellow Harvard Computers member Annie Jump Cannon (1863 – 1941) published numerous articles on stellar spectra, including “Spectra Having Bright Lines,” which Cannon published just months after Hinkley published the present work.

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