Ruminations. Created and produced by the Typography and Book Arts Class under the supervision of Prof. Kitty Maryatt.

Claremont, California: Scripps College Press, 2011. Of an edition of 103 copies, this is copy number forty-seven. Signed on the verso opposite the colophon by the students and Kitty Maryatt, The visual aspects of the book were inspired by the geometric structures of medieval book imagery. The colors of the linoleum blocks reflect the preponderance of lapis lazuli blue, crimson red and royal purple in medieval miniatures. The Rumi poem, interpreted by Coleman Barks, was set in 14 pt. Scripps College Old Style, and the responses were set in 12 pt. or 14 pt. Centaur and Arrighi. Front and back matter were set in 14 pt. Scripps College Old Style, and the display letters were set in 18 or 24 pt. Weiss Initials. Some occasional small stains on the outer margins. pages untrimmed. A near fine copy. Ginga Iridescent Orange book cloth in a coptic binding. Folio. Item #16174

The Typography and Book Arts students selected eight books from the thirteenth to fifteenth centuries at the Denison Library for in-depth research into which attributes persist in contemporary artists books. In addition to the obvious physical characteristics in medieval books, vellum, wood boards, calligraphy, illumination, and miniatures, the students remarked that the texts were serious and of vital importance to the makers. In that vein, they decided to search for texts that were important to them. Medieval texts often elicited commentary (exegesis). After students brought in their selected texts, they decided to write commentaries on them, which included poetry, prose, letters, religious excerpts, and philosophical texts. After lengthy discussion, they determined that this book would be more cohesive if they settled on one text and wrote commentaries on only that text. The book presents a thirteenth century Rumi poem, as interpreted by Coleman Barks, either in its entirety or as an excerpt, with responses from each student.

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